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Combining public health, comfort, quality of life and safety for the whole family, these are some of the values that TSERV PEST CONTROL COMPANY has been acquired closely since 1994 when they started the pest control service. 


When you open a franchise, you have the entire background of the company, what makes easy the process to start a business, besides providing credibility and security for the customers.

The Tserv is growing in the market every year, it’s time to become a Tserv Pest Control company franchisee.


TRADITION for Over 20 Years

Combining public health, comfort, quality of life and safety for the whole family, these are some of the values that TSERV PEST CONTROL COMPANY has been acquired closely since 1994 when they started the pest control service. Over the past two decades of experience, It is obvious that much has changed, the techniques for performing the services have changed a lot which have become increasingly modern and efficient.

Monitoring all that chemical and industrial progress of products and their own machinery is therefore one of TSERV company’s differentials, in addition to always being attuned to new market and also make sure to constantly update the entire team to the current legislation, so the rules laid down by law are always known. 

Based on those well-built pillars, the company has been growing significantly, in a way that the knowledge and experience of its founders were able to expand the horizons and make TSERV a franchise company. The TSERV Franchises have the whole structure of the headquarters, from basic guidance to start the service until improvement and training that are constantly emerging.

With a recognized and solidified work in the Alto Tiete region, the company desires to keep following the success method which has always followed: the search for the well-being of all customers, employees and franchisees.


Care about the environment, the applicators, the animals and the others, provide quality services to our customers, seek to exceed their expectations in the services provided by us.


Be one of the best known Pest control companies in the planet in the long-term with excellence in dealing with people.


1 – Life in first place;
2 – Care about our planet;
3 – Appreciate our employees;
4 – Always grow and improve;

Licenses and Certifications 




All pest control procedures performed by Tserv Pest Control Company aim at health and safety of people in residential, commercial, business and customer service. And to ensure an outstanding result, Tserv Pest Control only works with products authorized by the Brazilian Department of Health, we work with a kind of gel that allows us to perform services without being necessary to vacate the place. Check out more details of house cleaning services, pest control services, termite inspection and the cleaning of water tanks. Researches indicate that an environment where there is fumigation control is safer and healthier. Look for a TSERV franchise closer to you, or you can become our franchisee in the region where you live.



It is made against crawling and flying insects (cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, silverfish, ants and others). The service is made with manual or motorized knapsack sprayer directly on the insects or their hiding places and places around as holes, gaps, cracks, baseboards, under and behind furniture, etc… Gel: The gel is used against different types of cockroaches or ants in environments with high concentrations and food handling and restricted areas.



One of the biggest problems in big cities is the infestation of rats, as a consequence there are various types of diseases that may be transmitted, such as leptospirosis and Hantavirus. The TSERV Pest Control Company has trained technicians to make inspection, identification and control of rodents. According to the place’s needs, rodent extermination may be internal, external or both simultaneously.



Due to the diversity of finishing and permeability of the wood pieces when are treated, you must choose the most appropriate form of application (spray, injection, brushing or chemical barrier).

  • Brushing: Application with brush for small infestations.
  • Spraying: spray-based application for large coverage areas.
  • Chemical barrier: Drilling and soil application for isolation and extermination.

In the treatment against termite attacks we have technical expertise, equipment and quality products resulting in a satisfactory outcome of the provided services.



Sewer clogging is always unpleasant because it causes disturbances on the network, affecting the place’s routine and exhaling bad smell in the room. The sewer unclogging service must be performed only by professionals, adopting preventive and protection measures of the pipelines. The occurrence of clogging in the sewage system prevents the use of extensions sinks, tanks, drains, sinks, compromising the entire system. The best thing to do is to use the facilities correctly, perform preventive cleaning in the piping and always call a specialized company when you need clearance.


After the performed treatment by the distributing company the customer should be responsible and care about the quality of the offered product, in order to do that it is essential to check the hydraulic installation, wash and disinfect the water tank in every six months. In order not to have a change in the incoming water quality it is necessary to have cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of the reservoirs so the stored water is fit for human consumption, in accordance with the appropriate standards of potability.

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The TSERV Pest Control Company was set up to assure people and organization’s well-being.While operating in the market,it offers integrated services and solutions with competitive costs to its customers with quality,calm and effectiveness. The TSERV FRANCHISE has a trained and prepared staff to bring solutions in all kinds of environment.


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Safe way and Efficient in Rodent Control

Protect your family and animals from rodents, with the TSERV Bait Stations.

Product Features: It can be fixed or placed at strategic points, either on its bait inside (rat poison), which is attached by a small iron bar, making the bait be protected for months until the rodent consumes it.
It has a sealed cover with a key to prevent contact with the product, what makes a safe environment

Specifications: Injected by 100% recycled plastic, reinforced, protecting the bait stations from the sun, rain, people and animals.
How to Buy: By sending an email to: email, wholesale or retail.
Request for Quotation: Request through the contact above by explaining the amount and location for delivery.


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